OK, where were we?

Flying home tonight from Chicago. Southwest. Here’s the deal: There is at least one row of seats on these planes that I always try to avoid. On this aircraft, one of them is Row 11. Row 11 is right in front of the Exit Row, and so the seats in Row 11 don’t recline, which &hellip Continue reading »

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Tennessee Again, plus George

The following is a part of a piece I was making notes on, from the Jason Eady sessions. This is the third project for us. I wanted to bring him to Nashville for this one, partly for his sake and partly for mine. We came for one day in January, to Tone Chaparral. I had &hellip Continue reading »

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SUMMER 2012. Hi everyone. I thought it was high time I wrote to you. It got a little long, but I have a lot to tell. It’s getting hot in Texas, but the creeks and the rivers are up, and we’re swimming in them too, so it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s really nice. &hellip Continue reading »

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And now, Kevin (yawn) Welch.

Dear Reader. Go back in time with Future Kev, back to April 16……. Two weeks gone now, and only a half dozen shows or so, and I’m already bored with myself. I have zero ability to convincingly bullshit my way through a whole set and act like I really believe you should do yourself a &hellip Continue reading »

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To Newcastle and On

Ahoy and avast you scurvy yardarms. Aboard the ferry heading for Newcastle, sun is shining outside, sitting in a snug little bar drinking Heineken and banging on this thing. Just enough wifi to piss a guy off. I’ve made this crossing before and it seems like this is a nicer boat than some. Let me &hellip Continue reading »

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Thinking about Levon

April 17, Trier Germany. Thinking about Levon. When I was a kid, late teens, me and Pat started going over the line to Arkansas, usually to Fayetteville. One of the first things they taught us over there, and one of the only things that didn’t involve getting awful high, was that Levon Helm was one &hellip Continue reading »

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Work Work Work

Work Work Work My down time is over for now. Well, that’s not true, day after tomorrow is a day off too. I’m heading up the road to a town called Leiden for a show tonight. I was in Leiden either a year ago or two years ago, i can’t remember. It was at another &hellip Continue reading »

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Thanks Again Mark Twain

I have spent many happy hours reading, and also listening to, the newly released first volume of Mark Twain’s autobiography. In it he ruminates off and on through the first several hundred pages on how to best write the thing. At last he figures it out, and here’s what he figured out; write about what &hellip Continue reading »

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Fire Bird

April 6, 2012 Russia. Holy moly. As we were flying in I raised my window shade and saw below….well, it looked like something from a sci-fi film. I don’t want to be disparaging. It’s just that I’ve never seen anything like it. We were high enough that cars would have been flea sized, but low &hellip Continue reading »

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stage one. boosters on.

swiss airline ann.March 31, 2012. Flight 614, Detroit-Amsterdam. Delta. I think Delta ate KLM/Northwest. Or something. This feels more like a NW flight than a Delta one. Delta used to always feel like the seats were thin and the planes smelled, much like the interior of the old Detroit International Terminal, like hotdog water. The &hellip Continue reading »

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