Posted by Kevin Welch on June 19, 2012

SUMMER 2012.

Hi everyone. I thought it was high time I wrote to you. It got a little
long, but I have a lot to tell.

It’s getting hot in Texas, but the creeks and the rivers are up, and
we’re swimming in them too, so it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s
really nice. I’m happy to be home after some intense travel. I was
strictly stateside until April Fools Day, (which was my fourth
anniversary to live in Wimberley) and then I started a tour that took
six weeks and covered seven countries. A lot of my usual haunts,
Amsterdam, Belfast, Copenhagen, but also Moscow, a first, and a couple
towns in Germany that were new to me. If you ever feel like it you can
read a number of pages at [1]. I met and
played with some amazing people, and played FOR some amazing people, and
I saw some of my best friends too, those who through the tyranny of
distance I rarely get to hang with. The tour ended with four shows in
Denmark with Matt the Electrician, who just kills.

I made it back just in time to sleep a couple of days and then to drive
way out to Marfa, where Jimmy Dale Gilmore and I hosted a songwriter
workshop at El Cosmico, the legendary Liz Lambert invention, a
scattering of vintage trailers, campaign tents and tipis. I could go on
and on about it, but I’m determined to keep moving across the top of
all this stuff, or I’ll have to write a book, and this is a newsletter
Kevin, try to remember that.

Heading out to Florida in a few days to convene with the Trishas, dates
are posted on the tour page. Those girls are out there traveling with
two babies in a hot van, and tearing up the stage every night. It’s
humbling. I can’t wait to see my daughters and my grandson, and to
travel home with them when it’s over.

That takes us to the June workshop here at my place. We’re sold out
for this one, and one of the best parts of the deal is that we’ll have
3 people under the age of 20.

I’m bringing in Dustin to help out. His teaching skills are very
sharp, after all the time he’s been spending teaching our wounded
warriors in his continuing programs in Texas and outward all the way to
Idaho. I can not say enough about this. The results are sometimes
stunning, far out-healing the traditional psychotherapy approaches the
VA offers. In fact, let me encourage you to find out more about it by
going to [2]and [3], and if
you want to consider helping his personal cause you can check out his
Patronism site. This is a kickstarter-type thing where you agree to give
a dollar a month for a year, or 10 dollars or a hundred, whatever.
We’re back to the old ways now, back to the way it was before the
music business became organized, (and I use that word loosely) when we
had to rely on Patrons of the Arts. He’s been volunteering twice a
week for a year or two now, plus working on the board of directors to
spread the method to other towns, and he’s been doing it for free. I
don’t know how to measure my pride in him.

Additionally, we’re rounding investors to get ready for the release of
his new CD, Tijuana Bible, later this year. More on that soon.

And that reminds me, Jason Eady has released his new one, which I
produced last year. It’s called AM Country Heaven, and get this;
it’s a total indy, hard core country record, self released all the
way, and the damn thing actually entered the Billboard Top 100 country
chart at 40. This is not possible. It happened while I was overseas, and
I still have no idea how it happened. Let’s be clear here, it’s
generally assumed that any chart activity relies on payola. Legalized
payola, yes, but still, pay-for-play straight up payola. So, obviously
I’m missing something. I think it’s just great.

One of the biggest reasons I’m writing to you now is to shamelessly
self-promote the Red River Songwriter Retreat with Dustin and also my
personal hero Eliza Gilkyson. [4]. Red
River New Mexico has been one of my main hideouts for many years now,
but let’s keep that between us. The Lodge is one of the best hangs
I’ve ever come across, and that’s where this thing is happening. The
Retreat, July 26-28, seems to be a well-kept secret at this point, so I
really want to get the word out. Red River is about 45 minutes north of
Taos and flat-out beautiful. So, if you want to get out of the heat and
breath some clear clean dry mountain air, and see Taos and Santa Fe
while you’re at it, plus learn some stuff about songs and come to the
saturday night gig, and eat great steaks downstairs and and
and…..well, it’s gonna be good.

After that me and Dustin will be banging around the mountains playing a
bunch of shows in Colorado, working our way north to Big Sky Montana for
the first annual Big Sky Songwriters Festival in mid August. [5]. Gonna be a bunch of
us up there, truly an awesome place, and we can’t wait. More on this
as we get closer.

And lastly, for now, if you ever thought you might like to sail for 3 or
4 days and nights on a 100 year old 90 foot schooner off the coast of
Maine, have I got a deal for you. For the last few years I’ve had the
privilege of doing just that aboard the Timberwind, with my old friend
Captain Bob Tassi. Look at this: [6]. This man is one
of the most revered Captains of the fleet, so you’ll be in good hands.
August 22-25. I’ll be playing you songs, the cook will be down in the
galley making dinner on the wood burning stove, or we’ll be ashore
some little island feasting on lobsters. It’s a damn good way to close
out the summer.

Wow. I just re-read all this. I’m gonna have some fun. Hope you can
join us somewhere along the trail.

Sending all my best wishes,

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  1. Leslie Vernazza

    I love u cuz. Dustin touched Bryan’s heart when he read about his work with the Vets. When are you coming to B Town?????

    You had a busy schedule, glad your workshops are going well.

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