And God made the rules and the rules were few. The first two were made to feel natural.

# 1 - Survive.   # 2 - Procreate.  The Instinct and the Urge.

The third, and possibly the last, was the Golden Rule, or the Law Of Karma, which was a little tougher. That was about it really. That should’ve set the thing into a pretty smooth motion, but there were problems.

The Karma thing was pretty solid. Even though it was supposedly the third rule, it was the only one that could not be broken. You reap what you sow, what comes up must come down, nature abhors a vacuum, water seeks it’s own level, the cosmic balancing act, it was and is immutable and unavoidable.


Working backwards, we come to number two, where things already begin to get shaky. Procreation. You don’t need to hear me recount the various well-known jungle traps of this. If you’re alive and old enough to be reading a grownup tale such as this than you already have your own share of experience in this area. Let’s just say that Human Error really comes into play here.

And now to the first rule: Survival. Here is where it gets really interesting.

We are programmed to first and foremost do the one thing that we are definitely NOT able to do.


Yeah, we can survive for a while. We can pull off some amazing shit in order to do so. Incredible, the lengths we’re capable of really. Not one of us knows the heights or depths of our capacity to try not to die. Starving people actually eat their friends in order not to die. Why? Because we are made to fight it, built to fight a losing battle, built to fight to the death the death that we know awaits.

As to the other two rules, we can have some babies. And we can live as close to the Golden Rule as is humanly possible. Deep down though, we know we were born to die, bound by Law to break the First Rule Of Life. What a beautiful joke.

In some future world when life becomes totally repairable through genetics or other technologies, when it becomes possible to maybe even live “forever”, will it be considered a sin to die? Would we not feel compelled to obey our built-in survival instincts?

In what ways would we be different if we didn’t carry within ourselves the certainty that we would eventually fail the 1st Law? Which tensions would that eliminate? Which actions, which reactions?

What would Humanity be without the friction of Genetic Demand versus Physiologic Breakdown?