Jan. 24, 04

Just got back from a little run to Georgia. The vast majority of people where I went don't know me at all. I'd say all but about maybe 20. Our reason for going anyway was just to try and get something started, and I think maybe I did that. Hell I donít know.

We'll see because I'm going to go back there someday and find out.

We're hustling to get the art work and publishing information together for the new CD. The guys at Shock in Australia are going to put the package together for us, and they hope to release it there Feb 28th I think. That means we're in a real hurry.

Jan. 26

Working on all these upcoming trips. Canada in April, going from there to N. California, for a show in Carmel. We may add another show at Slims in SF the night before. One week later out there I'm joining up with Lafave's traveling Woody Guthrie show for one night. Have no idea where it's going to happen, but I'll let you know.

But that's way up in April.

Also getting ready for the run with Kieran up to Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Columbus and Dayton. In the middle of the month it's back to Texas for awhile, and at the end of that trip I'm taking a flight from there up to Lewistown PA for a house concert.

Then it's Australia......and the release of the new record, You Can't Save Everybody. For tonight Iím heading out to Hendersonís to work on a song or two.

Jan. 29

Had a good time with Hendo, I think we even got some work done. No snooker.

Kieran and I went over to the Exit In the other night (Tuesday) and played a bunch of our new stuff, as part of the Western Beat Show. We had agreed to do it thinking that Fats would be with us and we could actually sort of duplicate the record, but Fats had a great chance to record with Manhattan Transfer up in NYC, so it was just the 2 of us. It was ok actually, the stuff works fine that way too.

Coolest thing was that the Swindlers played after us. The paper had a little article about it headlined "Papa Welch Opens for Talented Son". They were great.

After the show we sat next door at the Sherlock Holmes Pub with Butch Primm and his wife Allison Moorer, who I write with from time to time.I like them a lot, Butch is an Okie like me and Allison is just a killer singer/writer. She and I wrote a song called "What We Could Have Done" that was just recorded by the Danish artist Henning Staerk. Looking forward to hearing it. He cut another song of mine a while back called "Let a Man Stand Up" and I really liked what he did. I think it was the title cut in fact.

Right now I've got Darrell Scott's new CD on and of course it's spendid as hell. It's called Theater Of the Unheard. I mean it's really interesting. I'm only a few songs in and I can't predict what is fixing to happen......Saw him at a Mexican restaurant the other evening and he went out to his car and got me this copy, so yesterday I dropped off Millionaire and a burned copy of Save Everybody.