Saturday Night, March 26, 2005, Nashville

Couple months ago I stopped over at Prineís label Oh Boy! to deliver some Dead Reckoning stuff, cause they sell it over their site and in their catalog and they were out, and they were nice enough to give me the new Todd Snider record. Back at home, Claudia was in a cleaning frenzy because someone was coming through town or something and when I got back with Toddís record I was put in charge of the vacuum cleaner right away. I went ahead and put the cd in, but what with the noise of the vacuum it was damn hard to hear it. So I moved over close to the speakers and started working on this little patch of rug till it was sucked dry and switched off the vacuum long enough to hear that Mr. Todd was doing something altogether cool, talking blues sort of but something more, and real good, and then Claude said something that made me know that every time I turned off the sweeper her stress level went up a quarter Iíd sweep a few minutes and then switch off for a couple minutes, and so it went. Not a satisfactory way to hear Toddís record, but enough to make me realize that there was something good going on.

So now, Iíve been home from Australia for close to a week and the jet lag has been evil and relentless, worst Iíve ever had by a long shot. This evening Dustin and I hooked up for dinner and ended up at a fried chicken joint down in the Village, because Iím still craving bad American food, and we saw right across the street that Todd was playing the Belcourt in a couple hours. We sat there and drank some beer and ate that hot fried chicken and considered trying to get in free to that show, because it was 25 bucks a pop. Now, I havenít been to someone elseís show in a while, though Iíve been lucky enough to hear some at some of these festivals and other shows where Iíve been part of a mixed bill, and I havenít bought and paid for a ticket to another performerís show for a long time, but I really wanted to hear what Todd was up to these days, live and in person, so we walked across the street and paid our way in. We got to hear this girl named Adrienne Young who lived across the hall from me for awhile several years ago, and then Hayes Carll, who Iíve heard about from my friends for a long time now, and he was really good, clobbered me. Glad to finally hear him. Then a young guy named Sterling Finlay who I liked a lot. And finally, Peter Cooper, a music critic who has always been really kind to us in his writing. Then olí Todd came out, and he was just great, funny and smart. I learned several things right away. It was like Dustin said, about half way through you coulda just gone home and digested the information. Kieran once said the same thing about going to an art gallery. He could just go in and look at 2 or 3 things and be full for the time being.

So, Todd, if you ever read this, you got me to defy all my natural law tonight, got me out of the house so jetlagged I couldnít keep my eyes open, got me to pay 50 bucks for me and my boy to get in, and in the end I came home happy and grateful for what you do. Thanks man. See you out there somewhere.....