May 22, 05....12:05 am.

So I got up this morning after laying over in a Holiday Inn outside Sacramento last night, loaded up the renter and drove a couple hours up the road to Nevada City for a radio show at KVMR, a cool community run station in the true Northern California sense, or so I had been told. As I got further up into those beautiful low hills around the windy roads, up over the swollen American River, I kept thinking about how great it was to be somewhere new and special.


American River:

I drove through a couple perfect little towns, places where you wish you had grown up, or brought your kids up in, and eventually pulled into Nevada City, another perfect little California mountain town, the Main Street busy with walkers and every parking space taken (ok, so nothing’s perfect) following the Hertz NeverLost lady’s directions down a side street all hilly and quaint, lots of trees and great old houses, happy to be a traveler in a new place, a place where my footprints had yet to sully, and spotted the station, a nice looking older place, large and comfortable. I parked in somebody’s private lot since I’d only be there for an hour and walked across the little street where I was warmly greeted outside the studio by a couple of pleasant old hippie dudes about my age.

Nevada City:

One of them gives me a hug and tells me how nice it is to have me back. That’s when it dawned on me that I had apparently been there before. And that I knew these guys.....