Studio E, Sebastopol, California

Hereís what this one was like. I listened to the Hertz NeverLost lady and she got me to Sebastopol in Sonoma County, the heart of the wine country, and I was early for sound check by a couple of hours. I tried to kill some time in the little town, nice town by the way, walked around the block one time and decided to just go over to the venue because I was really sleepy and had a momentary fantasy that I could find someplace to take a nap. See, this was billed on my contract as a house concert, so I thought Iíd be pulling up to someoneís house. You have to know that this is a very specially beautiful part of the world, so when I say, for instance, that I drove down a road, I mean I drove down a fragrant stretch of luxury virtually unequalled anywhere. Everything around there was meaningful somehow. The chickens were beautiful. The dogs all looked like coyotes. The buzzards flew so low that you could see the red on the wings of the blackbirds who were so bravely harassing them. The sun was hot, the breeze was crisp and cool. The voices on the radio were rational. This was the first town in the history of the United States of America that had elected a Green Party mayor. When my NeverLost girl had finally coaxed me to the proper driveway, I found myself pulling up to a long shotgun looking structure that did not look like anybodyís house. I wasnít sure what it looked like. It was its own thing.

Turns out that itís a house, a studio, a listening room, an organic garden, and a chicken coop with the friendliest rooster I ever met. Jeff, the owner, does bodyshop work rebuilding cars and their motors, he engineers records, produces records, plays bass and cello and orchestrates string sections. Great guy, looks like Michael McDonald, has a very pretty girlfriend who walks on stilts.