Kevin Welch - color images for download:
4.16 inches wide by 6.26 inches high, 300 dpi, jpg format
Photo credit: Rodney Bursiel
Kevin Welch - black and white image for download:
15.84 inches wide by 10.56 inches high, 300 dpi, jpg format
Photo credit: Todd V. Wolfson
Kevin Welch - poster for download:
11 inches wide by 17 inches high

Hi-res JPG, 300 dpi, CMYK, 3.4 mB
Low-res JPG, 96 dpi, RGB, 374 kB
PDF format, 356 kB


PRESS/VENUE NOTES: Right-click (click and hold mouse on the Mac) on each photo above (or on the size description on the poster) and "save target as" to save the high-resolution image on your hard drive. Click the 'Back" button your browser to return to this page.
The color photos are in RGB mode, jpg format. The black and white photo is in greyscale mode, jpg format. Your publishing program may require that images be converted to another file format to be imported. Be sure to convert the RGB images to CMYK mode to ensure correct color separations, if necessary. The hi-res poster is already in CMYK.