just stuff
  1. We don't know much about the way things work, but we have made advances. The unseen world: electricity, germs, gravity, ghosts, etc. (Oh yeah I forgot, we haven't figured out ghosts yet....)

  2. Writing: A healthy scratch for an unhealthy itch.

  3. A liberated writer doesn't know what time it is.

  4. My children don't understand how much I love them. A more natural condition does not exist.

  5. Profundity unfortunately has a purpose; to connect all the stars together to make a series of pictures that mean something.

  6. If you force people to look at this it had better by god mean something.

  7. The Slot Machine. A sucker bet.

  8. People forget that they are their own preacher, government, cop, teacher, doctor, shrink, architect, lawyer, banker.....we reach out to those "pros" only when they have something we can't supply ourselves, and only then.

  9. Love is a gold mine. To forsake it is the height of foolishness.

  10. We're all fools sometime.

  11. A life lived without regret is wasted.

  12. The only difference in shadow and shade is the intention of the inhabitant.

  13. It never pays to shoot snakes on the floorboard of the boat.

More later.