The Dead Reckoning Years Out on CD


The Dead Reckoning Years Album Front Cover

New on CD, The Dead Reckoning Years!   A retrospective of Kevin’s Dead Reckoning Records releases, it includes some of his finest work, and was first out as a vinyl-only release in 2017.

A Note from Kevin:

There’s always been a squabble between art and commerce. Around 1995 the Dead Reckoning crew just kinda bowed out.

We decided to do what nobody in town (except Prine and Al) were doing. We had no money, and we didn’t have a business guy like Al, but we had each other, and together we were a real good band. We’d play on each other’s records for free. We’d sell them to people. We started there. We made a lot of joyful noise.

Song List:

Life Down Here On Earth
Pushing Up Daisies
Troublesome Times
Kickin’ Back In Amsterdam
Beneath My Wheels
Everybody’s Gotta Walk
When The Sun Shines Down On Me
Long Cold Train
Glorious Bounties
I Wish I Had That Mandolin
A Prayer Like No Other
Jersey Devil
Last Long Highway
Highland Mary
Flycatcher Jack
Too Old To Die Young

Please note: At this time this is available on CD in the United States only, and must be purchased separately from anything else on the site.  We hope to remedy this soon!

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